Rapimnas #FSLDK :)


delegasi UNS :)

delegasi UNS 🙂

Still in the series of events RAPIMNAS 1 FSLDK, Sunday (31 March 2013) GRABIK FK UNAIR building re-echoed with Journalism Seminar. Jusman Dalle as speakers pump up the participants spirit to write. The participants at the journalism seminar is Rapimnas FSLDK participants that coming from all over the Indonesia country and some students at the University of Airlangga.

Why write? One reason for writing was different. In the QS. Al-‘Alaq:4, a Muslim is obliged to study, one of which is with a pen or writing. Even we as students should be able to write, because to graduate a college must write a thesis. A piece of this Hadith is very familiar to our ears >> “Tie the knowledge and science with writing.” With writing, the knowledge that we will get now will be studied by future generations as a timeless legacy of civilization. When we write, the transformation of ideas will run continuously because when someone writes he should have packed enough knowledge to compose an ideas he had in mind. JOSH!

A Napoleon Bonaparte said, “I am more afraid of the pen of a writer than 1000 enemy soldiers with rifles.”Because the writing, knowledge and ideas can be channeled across. In addition, writing can change the world. So writing skills is very important to updated and trained. But unfortunately not everyone has the awareness to write. This is our role to transmit the spirit of writing to the other :).

Knowledge exists in the mind thoughts, verbal and handwriting (Narrated by Ibn Kathir). At the present time, the civilization established by the pen. 20th century is the era of mutual influence over public opinion, we can see some politicians destroyed his image in the public eye simply because media. Media and the public as a judge and persecutors. The importance of writing and improve writing skills also need to be balanced with regenerate and spread expertise and passion in writing.

As an activist Da’wah Campus, it is necessary to be “intelligent journalist – activist” for entice the reader’s attention and public to scrutinize the content of the propaganda to be delivered. No doubt, the speed of technological development demand the activists to upgrade themselves. There is a rumor that tickle our ears “do not write to make money”. Absolutely, when we write to make money then the ideas and our intellect would be bought. In addition, when we submit our handwriting to cetain mass media, we should know the terrain and the feature of that media. There are some mass media anti t****yah, for example Tem*o and Komp*s.

So, what is the writing tips? Jusman Dalle gave some important tips how to start writing, by looking for ideas of writing and making framework. Ideas come from reading, seeing, hearing, thinking, discussing. To obtain an idea set forth in writing. Because the key to writing is to sharpen a hunch. In addition, the title of this article also affects the reader’s interest. According Jusman Dalle, the article title should be to the point, mysterious, provocative, short and solid, patterned, original. In addition, make a good opening line and flow is important to comfortable-ing the reader to our handwriting.

If some people may have difficulty in finding an idea, then one of the participants of the seminar revealed that “he was too much of an idea”. Tips offered by mas is Jusman Dalle is focus on one idea and complete it, (Allah has said in Surah 94:7 too : So that means when you have finished (from something matters), do solemnly (affair) to another .. ) because of the focus we will raise ourselves bargaining position. Moreover, passion is needed in writing because it will bring our writtings more valuable in public eye. Another problem in writing is fear to opine. This could happen because we prepareless in mastering the theme, so we must broaden our insight more and more ^ ^. When people criticized our writings, do not feel inferior, otherwise we should thank him because he was fixing our lack. Soooo, don’t be discouraged to preaching with our writing. Writing can be a key to success and with writing We Can Change The World.

source: dakwatuna.com with many many changes 🙂


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